Dwarf Hamster Dream Expert 500gr

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Complete food for Dwarf Hamsters


  • With VitalPlus granivore
    Special mixture with vitamin trace elements
  • With high-quality power ingredients
    Quinoa, amaranth, perilla seeds & mung beans
  • With a high percentage of small seeds
    Millet, flax seeds & sesame
  • With delicious mealworms


  • Balanced long-life recipe
    All ingredients are important and correctly dosed
  • Selected ingredients from the home of dwarf hamsters
    Including plata millet, red millet & silver millet
  • VitalPlus granivore
    Special mixture with vitamin trace elements

Plata millet, canary seed, pea flakes, quinoa seeds (6%), barley, mung beans (5%), amaranth puffed (5%), barley flakes, oat flakes, silver millet, perilla seeds (3%), red millet, carrots, linseed (2%), grass seed, parsnips, dandelion leaves, lucerne, mealworms (1%), yarrow, ribwort, sesame (1%), calcium carbonate, beetroot, marigold blossoms, camomile blossoms, rose blossoms, semolina bran (millet 24%)

Additives per kg

Nutritional additives
Vit. A 6.500 IE ∙ Vit. D3 520 IE ∙ Vit. E / all rac-alpha-tocopherylacetate 58,5 mg ∙ copper as copper (II)-sulphate, pentahydrate 3,4 mg ∙ iodine as calcium iodate, hexahydrate 0,5 mg ∙ iron as iron (II)-sulphate, monohydrat 32,5 mg ∙ zinc as zinc oxide 42,3 mg ∙ manganese as manganese (II)-oxide 22,8 mg ∙ selenite as sodium selenite 0,1 mg

Analytical constituents

crude protein 15,5% crude oils and crude fats 6,5% crude fibre 7% crude ash 5,5% calcium 0,5% phosphorous 0,4%

Feeding Guide

Fill the feeding bowl with DwarfHamsterDream EXPERT and wait until all the food has been eaten, before refilling it again. Please control the hamster food store regularly and remove any remaining food if necessary. Give high quality bunny hay daily (e.g. bunny hay with mealworms) and fresh, lukewarm water. In the first 4 months of life you can support your hamster in his growth phase by supplement DwarfHamsterDream EXPERT with JuniorsExtra.

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